We accepted Swami Veda’s invitation and stayed in the ashram for the night. It was a spontaneous decision, and we had to buy some toothbrushes on the spot.
It was a great idea, we could see the full morning programme, which started at 5am with pranayama, asanas and meditation.
After breakfast we visited the research center where we could have time for questions. Then, at 11am we rushed to a philosophy class on the 12 meanings of yoga conducted by Siddharta, Usha Devi’s son.

At 2:30pm, a new ashram was on our agenda: the Phool Chatti Ashram, located about 6 km from Lakshman Jhulat, in a stunning location, which beauty and quietness instills peace of mind. There Lalita conducts one-week yoga courses for beginners and intermediates in all aspects of yoga.

We finished this day with a satvik meal and joined group chanting around the 120-year-old fireplace…

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In the service of Yoga

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