The Ananda was on today’s agenda. It was quite an ascent into the hills, 18 km away from Rishikesh. The Ananda is an old palace turned into one of the world’s best wellness resorts, spread over 100 acres.

Sushant, the head of the yoga department, welcomed us with a freshly brewed coffee and introduced us to the philosophy of the place. Being located in the Indian Himalayas, the Ananda intend to be as close as possible to the Himalayan yoga tradition.
Their high profile clientele made it impossible for us to take photographs freely, but we could instead shoot yoga classes in some spots with the help of some western and Indian employees.

After a full day in that picture perfect resort (which we really enjoyed as you can imagine), we were rewarded with a fabulous bird’s-eye view of Rishikesh which lies 600 meters below the Ananda – what a
spectacular night drive down to the international yoga Mecca!

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