From today Heide, a very experienced journalist from Germany, will join us on our journey for about 2 weeks. We will for sure benefit a lot from her professional experience.

Our first center visit together is the local Sivananda Yoga Vendanta Nataraja Center in South Delhi.
At the beginning of our trip, we had visited another Sivananda ashram at Neyyar Dam in a beautiful natural environment in South India. This Sivananda center’s idea is to be a “Prana for Delhi”.
The center offers good, solid, and accessible Sivananda yoga in Delhi. Rajesh, a senior trainer, guided us through the day, and Heide participated in an open class.

H. H. Swami Sivananda (1887-1963) created a very simple system of just 12 asanas, which activate all chakras. Each posture is associated with a counter stretch posture so that your muscles are fully relaxed after each session.

Proper relaxation, breathing, exercises, diet and positive thinking for Delhi residents and the expat community!

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