It’s our 2nd day at the Kaivalyadhama Lonavla Ashram. This morning we attended the asana classes. First the boys class, followed by the girls class. Then, we listened to a philosophical speech, which was part of the teacher training course, and talked to the students. Surrounded by happy students, we feel like being at the right place.

We met Dr. Tiwari again for an interview and a photo shoot. In the conversation, we asked about Swami Maheshananda, whom we had heard of during our trip. “Do you want to see him?”, asked Dr. Tiwari. “Yes!”, we answered without hesitation. The director quickly organised an appointment with the Swami, who lives in an area we didn’t see before. Swami Maheshananda is the spiritual leader of the institute. He is accessible for everyone on the campus, but not part of any class schedule. A spiritual heart, what a nice idea for a yoga university!

Listening to Swami Maheshananda requires full concentration. One of his messages to all the yoga students:
“There are different ways to find the divine within oneself. The important thing is to work that out without much help of a guru”.

We finished the day by joining Swami Maheshananda’s daily Havan, a fire puja.

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