Julie, the director of Brahmani Yoga, puts her heart into each and every lesson.

In the morning we watched her teaching. Her style can be described as mainly ashtanga yoga, with some touches of softer Vinyasa style, along with some Iyengar yoga, which she learnt after an injury. As she used to be a dancer, she plays some music during her class – a combination which obviously attracts students. Her teacher training courses are limited in numbers, and all booked well in advance. Her local classes are also packed, even now, at the very end of the season in Goa – her yoga centre will close by the end of next week.

In the afternoon, we were absorbed by Emil’s last philosophy lesson for the teacher training students. In wonderfully clear words, he gave guidance to these future yoga teachers. “Truth is a living thing, it is moving. It is not mine, not yours, nor the truth of a guru… You need to be calm to see the truth, quiet your mind, and you see how things are. Start tolerating conflicting thoughts, have fun with them! Cultivate this adventure of life”.

We nearly arrived too late for the sunset with Rolf and Marci, the founders of Yogabones, a centre which was so often recommended by people we met during our trip. But this is a new story, a story for next Monday…

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