Hema, Venkatesha’s wife, conducts the therapeutical classes in the early morning.
The same students are attending the class every day of the week at the Atmavikasa Centre Of Yogic Sciences. Most of them have health problems, and Hema knows that she makes a big change in their life. She gives them courage: “Discipline, every day, will lead you there”. She knows how yoga can cure health problems: “This student currently cannot move much, she has arthritis. Come back in 2 months, and you will see her totally changed”.

Venkatesha is mostly teaching to the international students, who are ideally here for a period of 4 weeks and more. His task is different: teaching them how to self practice, during their limited time under his direct guidance in Mysore.

Later on, Ventakesha performed for us an impressive presentation of asanas, and a Nouli demonstration (an ancient detox technique). His explanations were wonderful!

It’s now time to say goodbye to Mysore and head back to Bangalore.

Venkatesha, Atmavikasa Centre Of Yogic Sciences, Mysore
Venkatesha, Atmavikasa Centre Of Yogic Sciences, Mysore
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