In the last 3 months we’ve visited several yoga universities, educational institutes, yoga centers, ashrams, and many more yoga places. Looking back, we can say that we’ve been very lucky that we were allowed not only to cover all places, but also to interview and photograph almost all swamis, gurus, directors and founders of the respective yoga places.

Unfortunately, while we were guests at the Isha Yoga Center last January 28-29th, Sadhguru, the spiritual guide, was in the US. The good news is Sadhguru is now back to India, so it’s time for our 2nd visit at the Isha Yoga Center.

Coimbatore is only 380km away from Bangalore, so we asked our neighbour to rent his car again – really for the last time -, and he replied “no problem” as usual.

We first had to wait for some black and white films to be delivered from Delhi, and once they finally arrived in the late afternoon, we started the Opel Corsa and headed towards Coimbatore to visit Sadhguru, the mystic guru and head of the Isha Yoga Center.

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