Our appointment with Sadhguru is due sometime between 9am and 4pm today. We slept the night in Coimbatore, and at 9am we were at the gate of the Isha Yoga Center. Waiting for the call, we had rest for another 2 hours in a nice and clean room, then a small walk around the center, and its cafe. At around 2pm, Swami Patanga gave us the green light for the meeting. From then, everything went quite fast.

As always at the Isha Yoga Center, there were many staff members involved – one cameraman was filming us (to have all material recorded), one photographer taking the same photos as Coni, someone was doing separate voice recordings. In the meantime, other people were already waiting for their turn to interview Sadhguru.

Coni did a fast checkup of the Nalanda Conference room to find the perfect spot in terms of light, and the right chair to sit on…

Then, Sadhguru came in. He looks exactly as you would imagine what a guru looks like: old, long beard, white clothes, and a white turban on his head – a very good-looking guru. While Sadhguru was making jokes and tried to find out who we were, Coni took photos of him, first in black and white, then in colour.

We did a short interview with him, and as things were getting more relaxed and interesting, we ran out of time, and it was the turn for the next guests. So Sadhguru asked: “You have more questions?”, and we answered “Yes!” with a smile. So he kindly invited us to go to Coimbatore with him tomorrow, in his car. And we spontaneously accepted: “Sure! Thank you, see you tomorrow.”

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