Our diet, according to Ayurveda (Ayur = Life, Veda = Science), not only affects our bodies but also our mental makeup and disposition.
Food items are therefore classified into three categories – Sattvic, Rajasic and Tamasic – depending on the effect they have on our mental and psychological constitution. The term ‘Sattvic’ comes from the Sanskrit word ‘Sattva’ which means purity.

Sattvic foods are those that are healthy, fresh, light, easy to digest and calming to the mind. They promote focus and clarity of the mind, as well as a loving disposition. Rice, milk, ghee, honey, mung beans, fresh fruits (not the sour kind) and vegetables such as carrots, squash, zucchini and sprouts are considered Sattvic foods. These prepare the body and mind for withdrawal of the senses in yoga whereas Rajasic foods like cauliflower, eggplant, sour fruits, poultry, fish and certain spices increase the activity and agitation of the mind. Tamasic foods like onions, mushrooms, red meat and alcohol are heavy and promote dullness and lethargy.

The key to a healthy diet lies in maintaining a constant awareness of our needs and remaining flexible in times of transition as we go through different stages of life rather than following a rigid diet. A bowl of rice and mung beans may be the ideal lunch for a person sitting at a desk all day but may not meet the nutritional needs of a manual laborer sweating it out for eight hours everyday.

Yoga teaches us the importance of being present and adapting, so we can lead balanced and successful lives, which requires a combination of spiritual pursuits, purposeful activity and rest.

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10 replies on “The Sattvic Diet

  1. Wonderful, there are no words to explain one has to experience being a practitioner for the past 20 years ever came across such a guru.


  2. Practicing Sattvic aahar since November’2004 that was started under supervision of Guru ji Swami Amlanand….now me & my daughter both are practicing the same.sucess rate is 80%+


  3. Dear Madam / Sir
    I (Ahmad Soltan Zadeh) was performing Yoga Asans while I was studying in India, for more than a decade. At present I am over 61 year old; suffering from high BP (Blood Pressure) as well as Prostate problem; and had tolerated a heart surgery long ago; I am now very interested to go over to India to re-performing Yoga Asans. I will be much obliged and highly thankful to you if you kindly guide me in same regards..

    Thanking you
    With best regards
    Yours obediently
    Ahmad Soltan Zadeh
    October 22, 2013..


    1. Many thanks for your inquiry. We suggest you try yoga therapy. Visit our website at yoga.in and choose ‘yoga therapy’ in the drop-down menu under ‘any type’. You can also choose a destination in India and this will bring up a list of yoga centres offering yoga therapy. All the best!


  4. I am breast cancer patient/ Surgery is done two yrs back.suggest me the diet as my weight is increasing fast.


    1. Hi Rajashree, we suggest you contact a nutritionist or Ayurvedic specialist who is qualified to recommend the ideal diet for you.


    2. You need a high protein diet for muscle repair and fiber for better digestion and absorption of food eat fresh clean and a little of exercise will help you in losing weight faster and keeping your body healthy too..

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  5. Dear Sir, I’m want to teaching Yoga & Medititation course. What’s yours Ashram rules & regulation, acknowledgement me, please. Thank you, Best Regards, Anup Kumar Mallick, Gulf


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