In 1924, Kaivalyadhama Ashram in Lonavla near Mumbai started the first scientific yoga research centre in the world.
In keeping in the tradition, the focus is on education, research and treatments while offering short and long-term yoga courses with diplomas certified by the Indian government.
The lush village-like ashram sits on 180 acres and has single-sex accommodation. Sri O.P. Tiwari will tell you more about Kaivalyadhama in our new video:

We invite you to read more on Kaivalyadhama Ashram in our yoga directory and in our book on the best yoga centres in India.

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4 replies on “Kaivalyadhama Ashram, Lonavla

  1. Hi I would love to know if any one offered or wish to offer a feedback about the 21 days course of traditional texts of Yoga imparted in Kaivalyadhama Ashram in Lonavla. Thank you *


  2. How are the teachers at Lonavala? I haven’t had good experience at the Marine Drive branch, mumbai. The instructors in general look so bored and purposeless that they don’t really care if the student will turn up the next day or not. This place needs some serious help. The people have a very laid-back attitude and you feel like why am i even bothered to come here. The only people who are helpful are the peons and they are always smiling.


  3. Hi…i want learn the long term yoga or diploma course.i would love 2 know if anyone is offer feedback of course in detail.and also want to know your branches in mumbai.plz let me know all the details.


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