By Eva Drienko

Eva recently completed a 30-day 200-hour Yoga Alliance (USA & Canada) certified Teacher Training Course (TTC) at Trimurti Yoga in Goa, South India. Here she shares with us her experiences and impressions of the time she spent there in February 2014. Thank you Eva for sharing your valuable insights with us!


Trimurti Yoga is a centre based in South Goa which offers the Yoga Alliance’s 200-hour yoga teacher training programme, which runs for 30 days. It is located in South Goa between the two beautiful beach towns of Palolem and Agonda. Registered with Yoga Alliance (USA & Canada) Trimurti Yoga is specialised in multi-style yoga with the focus on ashtanga flow, vinyasa flow, hatha yoga, Sivananda as well as yin yoga. Further focus is on anatomy, the art of teaching, adjustments and alignment, pranayama (breath control), meditation and philosophy.

Trimurti’s centre is located about 2.5 km away from either Palolem or Agonda, both of which are easily reachable by taxi, tuk-tuk or bus. Sometimes I wished I were closer to the beach, while on the other hand I was really able to focus on the yoga course rather than on beaches and shopping. The single- or double-occupancy accommodation is basic but includes everything you need. I spent most of my time outdoors anyway because it was great to be close to nature in the centre’s lovingly designed garden. Sometimes the wifi did not work but that’s how I remembered that I was in India! Also, the hot water for the shower often did not work either, but that was not so bad because it is hot in Goa anyway. A new solar energy system for hot water was implemented which is really economical, but they still need time to get more familiar with the technique. One point, which was not really clear for many students, was that the pick-up from the airport was included, while the drop-off was not.


The main focus for the whole team was to pass their knowledge of yoga and its philosophy down to us students – there were 23 of us. Of course it is not always easy, they are also human and have emotions, but all the students could feel their passion for teaching and felt they really gave their best! A very important message was always that we are all individuals and have different needs and by bringing more awareness and gratitude to ourselves, we can bring more awareness and gratitude to others. Something very beneficial was that the team was a very international one and I could see and experience different styles of teaching, which I found very inspiring because each one taught each style in his or her own personal and professional way. Also, the founders of Trimurti Yoga honestly believe in their students and they sometimes hire them after the teacher training programme and support them in becoming a serious yoga teacher.

The main topics for the practical teaching were safe guidance into the asanas (yoga postures), indications and contraindications, as well as how to build up classes, create sequences, and know and demonstrate the differences between the traditional and newer characteristics of the various yoga styles. Another great class, which everyone loved, was adjustments and alignments, where we learned how to perform asanas correctly with different options for adapting them to each one’s needs.


The meals served followed the principles of a sattvic diet. I have to admit that at the beginning it tasted very boring and without any great flavour, but somehow still good. The menu was repeated every few days. After the second week, we could observe a development of the flavours and tastes, and try different foods like brown rice. Furthermore, it was challenging for the kitchen staff because some students had food allergies or intolerances which they tried to accommodate. Though almost every student experienced ‘gas troubles’ common to the Indian cuisine rich in beans and legumes, no one ever had problems due to hygiene. By the end of the course most of the students really started to enjoy the tasty food because of their newly-developed sense of taste and the beneficial effects for the body and as a result, the yoga practice.

Overall I really enjoyed the stay at Trimurti Yoga and would recommend it to anyone who wants to learn about different yoga styles and I would return to the school again. It also needs to be said that it is always about each person’s own expectations of the teacher training, school, food, environment, etc. which shapes this new experience of learning yoga at an Indian yoga school. We all go through different emotions, this is so human and natural. Sometimes it is about experiencing a new way of life, which lasts for one beautiful month and becomes an unforgettable and lovely adventure, where you are your own creator.

Photos courtesy of Trimurti Yoga

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6 replies on “My experiences of the Yoga Teacher Training Course at Trimurti Yoga, Goa

  1. Hi Eva, thanks for sharing your experience. In the future, after I’ve done my current yoga ttc, I’d love to go and study yoga in India. The place you went sounds beautiful.


  2. Thanks for sharing the information! I have completed yoga teacher training from Rishikesh School of Yoga. I got amazing experience from there, If anyone looking yoga training then you can go there. I would like to thank to you to publish the information.


  3. Hi Eva,

    I am considering joining the course in November 2019 but having difficulty connecting eith them to ask some questions. Would you know if the single rooms have air conditioning and if there is enough wifi for example to watch an evening film etc, emails facetime etc.



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