Gary J. McKenzie-McHarg

Early February, the Yoga community in India lost a legend who contributed tirelessly to the world of Yoga. Dr Jayadeva Yogendra, was President of The Yoga Institute and an exemplary guru to all the Yogis who were fortunate enough to learn from him. pays a tribute to him with this remembrance in the words of Gary J. McKenzie-McHarg

Dr. Jayadeva Yogendra taking a stroll in The Yoga Institute.

Dr. Jayadeva Yogendra was truly great and a most humble soul who entertained his listeners to better their Guru in saying “Don’t try to be your Guru. Try to be better than your Guru” I still recall the words of his Father, Sri Yogendra Ji, who told me once during my many visits to the Yoga Institute “Jayadeva, is the only true Yogi here.” Though he faced many challenges and potential disappointment in his long life, he never deviated from the Yogic ideal always striving for Citta Prasdanam/peaceful mind.

The thing that struck me the most was his humility. There was no false affection about being greater than you, nor better, nor higher. Just like the rest of us, he was here to find the best in himself. We feel a great deal of sadness at his passing; however, more importantly, and in the spirit of his teachings we should feel an even great sense joy and relief that our paths cross and recall a life well lived. Moreover, he still remains with us because he managed to instil at least a little of himself to all those who have the good fortune to witness his life and hear his teachings. What a great and saintly man we all had to guide us throughout fettered lives.

A truly great man came and walked amongst us spreading the good news and now he is gone. There is no need for mourning his passing no need to say, may he rest in peace, because this man lived his whole life in peace – he epitomized peace. We should simply rejoice in his life and relish what he passed on to us all because, in that way, he still remains.


Gary J. McKenzie-McHarg

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  1. We have been glorifying gurus! But just stopping at that. Is not PERSON WORSHIP only that our gurujis (parampara) never wanted! Let us HELP mankind “In the path” our gurujis , followed. A beginning can be “Personal Physical Pain Reduction”, I submit to the group !

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