It is an excellent idea to invest in any kind of Yogic learning, especially in a Yoga Teacher Training, in India!

Most likely you are about to have a life changing experience if you choose to do a Teacher Training Course on the peninsula. Primarily known as the birthplace of Yoga, India is an experience by itself and will take you further beyond asana.

If you search beyond the obvious, you will find all different kinds of Yoga Teacher Trainings in India. As colourful as this country is, are it’s different styles and duration of trainings. There is no limit to your thoughts: There are Teacher Trainings without asanas, there is teaching for donation, teachings where a guru only takes one student, education lasting over years or courses where you can only apply  after completing an entire year of preparatory studies.

One of the most popular Teacher Training Courses in India is at the Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Dhanwantari Ashram in Neyyar Dam

With this small blog entry we recommend you to read our guide on, it reflects on Yoga Teacher Trainings which have a regular length of one month and are certified with an internationally recognized certification.

You have to find your own path, make your own journey and find your guru. is primarily a Yoga directory that has over 1600 registered Yoga schools, centres, ashrams and studios that offer Yoga Teacher training in India. It is important to note that although the common ‘200Hr’ Teacher Training Courses are high in demand, not all traditional Yoga schools subscribe to the same method of certification. A few of the reknown institutions mentioned in our list have their own way of certifying their students. We share our knowledge about some of the most sought after schools in India on our Teacher Training section on You will learn everything we know about finding the most suitable Teacher Training Course in India for you:

=> Here you can read our new article on finding the most suitable Yoga Teacher Training Course in India and a list of traditional institutes offering Teacher Training Courses in India.

The large grounds at the Parmarth Niketan Ashram in Rishikesh
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