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Professional yoga in Goa

At 7.30am we came back to Purple Valley Ashtanga Yoga Retreat to observe the last class of Tarik Thami. As normally scheduled on Fridays, it’s a teacher-led class of ashtanga yoga. As the class went on, more and more students were moving to the back of the yoga shala where they could take a bit of rest, as the asanas were quite challenging.

During the following breakfast we had a longer talk with Tarik, a teacher who’s now here for the second time. Lucrecia, the director of Purple Valley, uses a professional students feedback system to find out which teachers to re-invite for the next year. This is one way to ensure the high quality of teaching at Purple Valley.

In the afternoon, we had a quick visit to Brahmani Yoga, Julie’s yoga centre – a former American dancer. We were lucky with timing as they allowed us to watch the final exams of the 8-week yoga teacher training course. In an intense and professional atmosphere, the students performed the practical part of the exam by taking 10-minute turns in leading the asana class.

This Friday was Purple Valley’s students’ last day of their 2-week yoga course, and, as a finishing ceremony, they all went for dinner in a Greek restaurant. They nicely invited us to join, and we happily spent the evening sitting at a large white table, enjoying a nice sunset next to the beach in Goa.

Purple Valley Ashtanga Yoga Retreat, Goa

There are places where you can feel a vibrant and positive energy as soon as you pass the gate. Purple Valley Ashtanga Yoga Retreat is such a place.

It’s a quiet place, with gorgeous and very comfortable accommodation, and excellent food. It’s the perfect type of retreat for serious ashtanga yoga students who would like to have an easy access to India. Purple Valley opens during the dry season in Goa (October to April) and invites some of the best international ashtanga yoga teachers – even Sharat Jois has taught here.

Camilla welcomed us with a big smile. We spent the day with her and Lucrecia, the director of Purple Valley. We also met with the students who came here to follow their preferred teacher in a 2-week yoga workshop. Following the tradition from the main shala of the Ashtanga Yoga Institute in Mysore, the morning asana classes are in Mysore-style, except on Fridays when there is a teacher-led class.

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