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How to Practice Awareness in Yoga

The practice of awareness. Picture Courtesy: Coni Hörler


The practice of awareness in Yoga is a continuous process. Discipline of yoga is not restricted to the classroom practice of a set of yogic techniques. It is slow, methodical, requires vigilance, effort, and discipline. In fact, it almost seems too difficult a task and too lofty an ideal to follow, especially in a society that does not make it easy for us to stand back and watch ourselves. When everything is moving at such a frantic pace and so much of our attention is focused on just trying to keep up, how does one internalise the awareness? The answer is to make an active commitment to the betterment of ourselves which means setting aside a certain time that will be dedicated solely to self-reflection. (more…)

Poetry through meditations

Erkin Bek

Yogi, poet and entrepreneur: Erkin bek


The ‘self’ as the object of absolute existential interest and inner fulfilment as the final destination of life form the central focus of Erkin Bek’s book ‘All Here’. The book which features 34 poems around the theme of existence, yoga and meditation is also illustrated with brush paintings by Korean master Jungwoong Lee.


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