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Yoga is quickly being recognized by modern Indians and Westerners as a proper science and one of the leading institutions that help to impart this ancient knowledge is Sagar University.

Dr Hari Singh Gour University, formerly and more popularly known as Sagar University is located in the city of Sagar, the state of Madhya Pradesh, India. It was formerly named “Sagar University” when founded on 18 July 1946, during the British Raj. Based on a research study conducted recently by the government, more than 3,500 government and private Indian universities were assessed based on various parameters, including research facilities, students’ employability and popular perception and Sagar University along with IIT and IIM-I ranked as the top universities in Madhya Pradesh.

Encompassing most of Sagar City on Patharia hills and the main campus sprawling over 830.3 hectares of land, the University was established on 18th July 1946 by Dr. Sir Hari Singh Gour with his lifetime earnings. This 18th University of India is the oldest and biggest University of Madhya Pradesh has as many as 26 departments with their own departmental libraries. Apart from conventional degrees, postgraduate and research courses, Geology, Pharmacy, Criminology & Forensic Science, Anthropology, Performing Arts, Journalism & Mass Communication, Adult Education, Electronics, Business Management, Microbiology, Biotechnology, Yogic Science and Computer Applications are some of the  special subjects that attract a large number of students worldwide.

The main objectives include attaining peaks of excellence in the dissemination of knowledge and learning with a view to developing global competencies as well as to contribute to national development by generating trained manpower. Department of Yogic Studies is accredited by NAAC and provides Yoga courses for Bachelors, Post graduation and Certification purposes. The basic objectives of these courses are to provide broad scientific knowledge and professional skills to the students willing to develop their career in the field of Yoga.

Their Yogic courses have a comprehensive and practical approach to understand and teach Yoga. They include a mixture of Diplomas, Bachelor and post graduation degrees like Junior Diploma in Yoga (12 months), Bachelor of Arts (12 months), Graduate Diploma in Yoga (12 months), P.G. Diploma in Yoga and Naturopathy (12 months), P.G. Diploma in Yoga and Psychotherapy (12 months), P.G. Diploma in Yoga and Meditation (12 months), Master of Arts in Yoga (24 months) and Doctor of Philosophy (Yoga) (36 months). Of these, the Diplomas and Masters programs are the most popular among students.

Education is not considered just a theoretical part of learning, at Sagar University Yoga is taught first hand ( Asanas, Pranayama, Ashtanga principles) and students also learn a variety of ancillary courses as Yoga is a profound science that envelops every aspect of life. Some of the modules and subjects taught are Foundations of Yoga Therapy & Naturopathy, Human Biology according to Yogic Science, Principles of Health & Therapy, History, Misconceptions and Modern Application of Yoga. Knowledge of the different schools and kinds of Yoga are imparted along with bare yoga practices such as Prayer, Yogic Diet, ideal place, discipline, dress, bathing, time and sequence for yogic practices.

Students also learn about eminent Yoga Institutions and their contributions and can browse the well-stocked libraries to work on their modules in extensive detail. From learning about the human body and its meaning and importance in Yoga & Naturopathy, basic knowledge of the definition of health, disease, therapy and its principles and classifications is also provided. Apart from this, students also study alternative and modern therapy to bring about a middle ground to use the best techniques required to treat patients according to their symptoms and stage of illness.

Institutions like Sagar University not only impart precious and ancient knowledge that is the cornerstone of Indian culture but also teach the society about the innumerable benefits of Yoga and the ease of applying it to one’s life. In modern times, we’re in dire need of authentic teachers as misinformed practices us in many ways. Such institutions are not only helping to employ the youth, but empower them with unique tools of self-transformation as well.

Useful links to Courses offered at Sagar University

P.G. Diploma in Yoga and Naturopathy (PGYN)

P.G. Diploma in Yoga and Psychotherapy (PGYP)

P.G. Diploma in Yoga and Meditation (PGYM)

For more information regarding Sagar University please visit their website.

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