“Food makes your thoughts. What type of food you eat will be the type of thought and emotion and things that will come” 

Vishva-ji when referring to the wisdom of the Buddha’s advice on food

In this wonderful video Vishva-ji relieves any angst that many people who practice Yoga can feel around veganism and vegetarianism.

Video published by Akhanda Yoga Institute

Vishva-ji beautifully explains what eating is about, and it has nothing to do with rigid rules. The meals we eat are deeply connected with the Karma in and around the food, and the availability of Prana in plants, dairy products and grains. Vishva-ji leaves the listener with the opportunity to consider a deeper experience of what “happy food” means in its fuller context.

About Vishva-ji: 
Vishva-ji (Yogrishi Vishvketu) is the founder of Akhanda Yoga in Rishikesh. Some of the team from Yoga.in met Vishva-ji in his ashram, while on a journey to Rishikesh. Vishva-ji is a Himalayan Yoga Master with many facets, from householder to world-renowned Yogi. His ashram offers many services (including a Yoga Teacher Training Course). 
Link to Vishva-ji’s offerings: https://akhandayoga.com/yogrishi-vishvketu/

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