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How to Pick a Yoga Practice that Suits You Best

There are all sorts of ways—books, TV shows, blogs—to work toward either physical fitness or personal zen, or some combination of the two. One that’s been around for thousands of years is yoga.  (more…)

Being a wise human..


By Prajakta Tambe

On the occasion of International Yoga Day, I would like to share a story of ‘how yoga changed my life’ with you . Most of the worthwhile things I’ve done in life have lead to fame. Previously, I was athlete by profession but never focused deeply on emotional and spiritual aspects.  (more…)

Journey Of Yoga 

By Yarang Michi 

I was first introduced to yoga in 2009 when I was in Delhi. It was called Hatha yoga. Initially I started taking classes just for the physical benefits. However all those flows and poses from standing to balancing to inversions proved challenging which I had to perfect.  (more…)

International Yoga Day Story Contest



Yoga, they say is a good practice which helps to boost creativity and here’s just the contest to put that to test.  (more…)

Key Elements of a transformative Yoga Class

By Sushant Pandey

Photo courtesy – Coni Hörler

Since time immemorial the system of yoga  has been a tool of inner transformation and refinement of consciousness. Regardless of techniques and methodology employed, under ideal circumstances the teaching of yoga should facilitate an environment to deepen one’s awareness, to develop a balanced perspective of life and to attain inner harmony and lasting peace. Here’s what an ideal Yoga Class should teach you.  (more…)

What is Tantra?

Written by Amala Klep

Photo courtesy - Coni Hörler

Photo courtesy – Coni Hörler

“But… What is actually Tantra?” How many times I have heard this question. And each and every time the same feelings arise inside of me, a mix of enthusiasm to share, from my personal experience, about this amazing and old philosophy. (more…)

Snapshots of The International Yoga Festival (IYF)


International Yoga Festival 2016 – A global gathering for Yoga

By Yarang Michi

The International Yoga Festival (IYF) represents that yoga is for everyone, irrespective of background, culture or religion. The need for yoga is everywhere, and this festival helps in bringing change and progressing towards a more healthy and peaceful life. The Yoga Festival is an annual event and this year it was scheduled between 1- 7th of March, 2016.  (more…)

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