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International Yoga Day Story Contest



Yoga, they say is a good practice which helps to boost creativity and here’s just the contest to put that to test.  (more…)

The Heart of Yoga: Developing a Personal Practice by TKV Desikachar

The Heart of Yoga

The Heart of Yoga

Book Review by Jane Mason

This book is written by T.K.V. Desikachar, Son of Sri Krishnamcharya and was published in 1995. It is a tribute to his father’s teachings and is a must for all teachers and students of Yoga alike.

As the name implies, the book expounds the essence of Classical Yoga with the aim of assisting the development of a personal and deeper practice based on knowledge and understanding.

Desikachar covers a broad spectrum of yoga theory and practice and presents it to the reader in an easy and straightforward manner. He achieves this through a mix of explanations written in an informal and personal manner accompanied by various diagrams, pictures (of Krishnamcharya himself) and example practices.

“The Heart of Yoga” is a timeless piece of writing on yoga and anyone, no matter which style of yoga or level of experience, will benefit from this book. I loved the emphasis on the breath, vinyasa karma, simplicity in practice and the importance placed on understanding the theory of Yoga and the reasons for the practice. It also includes a clear and inspiring commentary of the Yoga Sutras.

It was a pleasure to read a book with unquestionable authenticity that explores a myriad of tools of yoga. This is a book you will read over and over again. A classical text on classical yoga that provides a strong and, I believe, essential foundation for the practice of Yoga.

A must for all yogis.

Our yoga book in Namaskar Magazine

Our book, Yoga in India: a journey to the top 24 yoga places , was featured in Namaskar Magazine! Namaskar Magazine is a quarterly published magazine, freely distributed to 4,500 yoga teachers and studios in more than 26 countries. Find out what they have to say about our book on page 39 of the October 2012 issue!

Namaskar Magazine October 2012

Namaskar Magazine October 2012

‘Yoga in India’ now available on Flipkart

Yoga in India on Flipkart

Great news for those of you in India!

Recently, Coni, our photographer for the book “Yoga in India”, happened to see a local storage space for Flipkart not even a kilometer away from his home in Bangalore. He dropped in and by chance he bumped into one of the founders who instantly liked our book. This opened the doors for our book listing on, India’s No. 1 online bookshop.

Click here to find our book on Flipkart!

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